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Custom software tailored to your specific business needs.
Vee Eye Software specialises in the design and creation of powerful, robust software solutions. Whether you need a basic database solution or a complex business application, we can build a system specifically tailored to your business requirements.
Our broad expertise covers Macintosh, Windows, iOS and Android platforms giving a complete range of options.
Are you ready to go mobile?
If you are looking for an iPhone/iPad developer to build your iOS 'best seller' app, Vee Eye Software is a published iOS developer with the skills and expertise to produce professional quality mobile solutions.
We specialise in mobile and internet driven apps, bringing the two technologies together to create a truly unique experience.
Multi-platform development tools means less cost, more options.
Not only can we help you with all your mobile requirements, we can also build for Windows and Macintosh platforms too. Our development technology allows complete compatibility between all platforms.
So now you can deliver your solutions to all major platforms all from the same code base, saving enormous amounts of time and money.